Flippity flop.

After doing a load of dishes tonight, I came to these conclusions:

Point #1: We have too many spatulas.

I understand that each one is different and has different uses, but of the flat, flipping variety, we have seven.

Point #2: We eat too many foods that need to be flipped.

Burgers (veggie and moo), hash browns, hash brown patties, eggs, grilled cheese…

Point #3: Spatulas are to the sink, as underwear are to the laundry.

Everyone knows that the more undies you have, the less often you do laundry, or the longer you can go without doing it. Running out of unmentionables can be, and often is, the only motivation for a load of laundry. Go down to the laundromat and ask, I bet it’s 98% accurate.

Likewise, having 17 spatulas and only eating food that needs to be flipped, has caused dishes to be done less often than truly necessary.

Who needs plates and utensils? You can eat a grilled cheese with your hands off a napkin… but without a spatula, it’d only be cooked on one side and you’ll have burned your hand grabbing it.

Point #4: I didn’t have much to write about the past couple days.

It’s true. We took yoga, but that’s boring to ::breathe:: talk about. The wedding is coming up, but that’s top secret blue jeans stuff. I’ve applied for a few jobs with my super awesome resume that Michele helped me with (tonight, you braggart), but I don’t want to jinx anything.

I should definitely thank Stuart from LACM for my spokecard, proudly displayed in honor of my first Critical Mass.

So, I do plan on doing a weekly product endorsement though. I intended Wednesdays, but that ship has sailed. Maybe Thursdays. I promise they’ll be good. Or stupid. Or both.


One Response to “Flippity flop.”

  1. PS- Street sweeping sucks and Gmail’s IMAP access rules.

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