Thursday Product Endorsement: What time is it?

Each week on Thursday, I will provide you, my loyal readers, with an endorsement of some product. There will be no set theme, some will be bicycle-related and some will not.

Without further ado, this week’s endorsement goes to…

…the Swiss Army Watch.

This post is inspired by the guys at Livity, who had a booth across from our lemonade booth at the Topanga Canyon Days. After spending a good part of my day watching people buy these hats, I decided to head over to check out what they had and perhaps buy one, since my brain was fried for the day into believing that what I needed most, was another hat.

Walking in, the guys immediately commented on my Carhartt Duck Vest, and my wool cycling cap from Richard at Bicycle Fixation. We started talking about bicycles, and fixed gears, and some old European-made lugged steel frame the guy had just got. Then one of the guys commented on my watch, which I rarely think about or hear. He used to have one, and loved it.

I’ve had this watch since I was a freshman in high school. I remember saving up for it, like it was the last thing I’d ever need. But since he pointed it out, I’ve been thinking about it… I’ve changed the band numerous times. Most jewelry shops won’t change the battery, but the place in the mall will. The date/time knob is really difficult to use, as it’ll just come completely out most times you pull it. It’s scratched and dented and dirty. But 16 years later, it’s still on my wrist.

I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I’ve had it this long. That it’s been all over the world, and thru just about everything with me. I guess maybe I’ve been taking it for granted (but no more!). I salute you, Swiss Army Watch.


One Response to “Thursday Product Endorsement: What time is it?”

  1. Not to mention it was in the shower for a year and a half.

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