Awesome weekend.

Finally, the weekend we’ve been waiting for. Okay, not the weekend (that’s in two weeks), but we’ve been excited about going to San Francisco for the weekend; to celebrate Casey’s birthday, to work lemonade at the Haight Ashbury Street Fair, and just plain hang out for the weekend.

Upon our arrival at the hotel, we were immediately greeted by about 50-100 naked cyclists and rollerbladers heading past… I knew the weekend was going to be interesting.

The hotel was… pretty cool. We couldn’t decide if it was the coolest place, or the shadiest place. We had to wait for the boss man to come from the airport to get into our rooms. The lounge was closed, for what we assumed was ever, only to find later it magically appeared like a Harry Potter night club. Our room had one full bed, one twin. And the window opened completely up! I can’t remember if I’ve EVER seen that. But, it had a giant lion in the lobby, so we knew we were safe.

We gathered everyone up and headed to Chinatown for lunch. The food was excellent, the company top notch and the drinks were flowing. We took in the shops a bit, then grabbed a beer at a killer little bar named Buddha, which had a great jukebox.

We took the trolley down to the wharf, saw Alcatraz and played in an exhibit of old arcade games that Kevin had heard of. We took our pictures in an old-fashioned photobooth. Played baseball, basketball and bowling games. Had our fortunes told by gypsies. Watched creepy marionette shows. And Michele got whooped in arm wrestling.

All that awesomeness, having the best Casey’s birthday ever, made us hungry enough to eat our own arms (if they weren’t made of meat, of course). We headed back on the trolley to find the dinner restaurant, Steps of Rome. It is at this point I have to give mad props to the My Location feature of Google Maps on the iPhone and Blackberry. It proved to be extremely useful for the entire trip. We were meeting back up with those we left at Chinatown, and Casey and his ladyfriend, as he took off the second we landed on dry land, probably to go do it a lot.

For his birthday, Casey wanted what any man wants; good Italian food, good spirits, his best friends and a lap dance from Italian waiters. Okay, so he didn’t get that, not even from the Italian waitress.

From here, the party did what birthday parties do…

To be continued…


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