Late Thursday Product Endorsement: Where I left my heart…

I know it’s late, but who’s counting anyhow?

This serves both as a continuation of the last entry and my product endorsement for the week. On Sunday, we were scheduled to work at the famous Haight Ashbury Street Fair, in its 31st year. This is the fest that numerous bands played back in the day, and I was pretty excited.

But I wasn’t prepared for how excited I’d really be. I didn’t think I’d care much about being a block away from where the Dead lived in 1967, but I was like a little kid, all giddy and shit, constantly looking up stuff on my phone and talking about buying a tye-dye shirt… I had my hippy days, at the end of high school and beginning of college, when I got into the Dead and Phish and hiking and all that. I wore hemp and Vasque Sundowners and raided my dad’s records, but I never really smoked much pot; so all and all, I sucked at hippying. But I still enjoy the music, so I was a little overwhelmed being there, where a lot of what I listen to started at. Plus, they had the best pizza I’d ever had…

I honestly wasn’t prepared to like San Francisco as much as I did. There’s only a few cities in my love category, and SF joined them like a force. I like a lot of places, and despise a lot of places, but SF was one of those places that I felt at home, just like Milwaukee. It had a vibe, a pulse, a soul. It was relaxed, yet moving. The public transportation was off the hook. It had an old feeling, that squished city upon city feel that I love. The only downside I can really come up with is f those hills right in their bicycle holes how big the hils are. You’ve gotta be tough as hell to ride your bike there. Or know the streets and hills and ways up/around them. You never felt like you just went as far as you did; which is opposite off LA, where everything feels so much further away than it truly is. I couldn’t believe we were there for just barely 36 hours. It felt like we did so much, and were there so long.

So this week’s Product Endorsement goes to San Francisco. Go there now!


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