Selling a piece of my past.

This is the first skateboard deck from the BMX company, Terrible One. I was majorly obssessed with them back in my BMXing days. They were a rad mix of bikes, music and art. And their t-shirts were the bomb. Anyhow, I bought anything and everything they had, because I was single and had too much disposable income.

But honestly, I never liked this design much. The second deck, with Michael Sieben art, was much better. But this one was their first, a gift to team members. They only sold the extras to offset the cost of the gift and because they had to make a minimum order. I know two other guys that still have theirs, but beyond them and the team, I’m not sure any exist.

So with that, I’m hoping some collector on the BMX forums stands up and pays me handsomely for it. I’d love to get a new pair of glasses, with Transitions.


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