Thursday Product Endorsement; Always Google Potential Employers First

So last week, I threw out a bunch of resumes to postings on Craigslist. I got one response, asking me to fill out an online application, and subsequently to come in for an interview. Simple, right?

So I have said interview today at 3pm. I am looking, might I say, dapper. I am rocking a sweet 70’s brown Oleg Cassini tie, courtesy of DBZ. Not to mention my sweet beard and mountain man hair. I drove the Corvette up to the place, which may not seem to be that big of a deal…

…but in 1971, A/C was an option like whoa. Not only that, but a 350ci motor gets hot. And black leather/vinyl seats… whatever, stupid thing to complain about, right? Being something dumb, like 108° degrees out today, you pretty much have to leave the top up to keep the sun off you. Needless to say, I was a tad sweaty. Just as I get news of a Brewers no-hitter in progress, I head in and meet the HR lady.

She gives me your standard “write a formal business letter given this situation and sign this background authorization.” Immediately, things are not right. I do the letter. Damn well, too. I don’t sign the form. I ask her a question, and she answers. I sign the form and have a 10 minute interview/problem solving test and she says to expect a call because I obviously rock ten kinds of ass.

I leave and find out that the Brewers no-hitter was busted in the 8th. The bullpen came into the ninth and gave up 7 runs and almost cost Bush the W.

What is the big secret you ask?

The company uses a management style/technique/philosophy designed by L. Ron Hubbard.

The question I asked?

Is this company owned by, or associated with the Church of Scientology?

Her answer was, “No, not at all.” Which seemed reasonable, as I know big companies use all sorts of stupid management methods. But this was a lie, which I found out when I got home and googled them (which I couldn’t do there, because I had no cell reception). This company is owned by a married couple who are big time involved. I found nothing but information linking them to the CoS.

H E L L N O.

I called them and let them know I “took another position” and asked them not to continue with the background check. Then I let my references know not to talk to them at all.

naivety [nye-eev-tee] or naïveté
the state or quality of being naive.

So let’s recap my day;

1. Way too hot out? Check.
2. My team’s bullpen can eat my poo? Check.
C. I was recruited by a cult? Check.

So then I did what anyone would do; I watched Escape From NY and Escape From LA, back-to-back on UHD.


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