Cubs fans suck.

I don’t get it. I love baseball. And I have nothing but respect for all those who love baseball too, regardless of the team they like. I live every day in the shadow of Dodger Stadium, literally. And I proudly wear my Brewers cap, and never experience any more than a playful joshing from the hundreds of LA caps I come across.

The only time I’ve been to Wrigley Field a couple seasons ago, we made friends with the guys behind us, who loved us so much they took us to The Cubby Bear and watched our backs as we celebrated a huge Brewers win in April. So in my following rant, I don’t include those 4 guys, wherever you are. I don’t remember your names, but you were awesome.

Cubs fans are assholes. Seriously, there is something wrong with those people.

The Curse, the Bartman, whatever. It’s been a rough century for them, but none of that excuses they way they act. The Cubs aren’t good! It baffles me to see people be SO cocky over such a historically bad team. And they focus their inner frustrations of being the biggest losers in pro sports into becoming an uber-a-hole, the likes of which most people have never seen.

This one, I don’t get. There’s no real rivalry between the Sox and Cubs, except sharing the city. They barely play and affect each other so little. This has got to be a city rivalry thing… northside vs. southside, white collar vs. blue collar, whatever. BUT IT WAS A LITTLE KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. How that turns into beating a guy to brink of death for what amounts to NOT liking your team… I really hope these guys go away for a long time.

This one I guess I get a little more, at least how it escalated, since it was right after the game that mattered between two teams that affect each other, with lots of drinking, whatever. But the taunting alone is classless and disrespectful, to act that way at OUR HOME. You’re not in Chicago, it’s not your turf. Get on your bus and go away. But getting off the bus and beating a guy in his home for liking the home team… Christ people. Have fun getting raped in prison

These people need to seek help.

PS- Funny CraigsList ad.


3 Responses to “Cubs fans suck.”

  1. well cubs fans suck. the smart cubs fans are the ones who get rich off of all the ######## in the neighborhood. Wrigley is not a good ballpark, I’ll stand by my opinion. Cubs fans always blame someone else for their loss–Steve Bartman anyone? no real substance to that team its fun to get wasted and go to wrigley so you dont know there is a game going on

  2. The smart Cubs fans are White Sox fans.

  3. Yes Cubs fans are douche’s. Especially coming up to Miller Park and acting like its their place. They start shit with Brewer fans they cheer for their team in the most annoying ways even when not warranted just to make a scene. Just to be a-holes. They are truly some of the worst fans I have ever seen.

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