San Francisco; v2.0

Last weekend, we took my second trip to SF. We left at 4:30am on Thursday, after getting home at 1am from an excellent Lucero show that included $3 scotch drinks. Needless to say, 4:30am found me still a little tipsy and riding shotgun.

We worked the Festival of Sail, and stayed at a neat little Motel 6 downtown. We did all the normal stuff; the Wharf, the Piers, rode a cable car (hanging off the side even!), saw Lombard Street, ate Escape From New York pizza, and just plained bummed around. San Francisco is just amazing.

This is just fun…

Self cleaning public toilets! And if you need to buy crack, there’s a nice little playground there to do so…

I read a post on BMXBoard about moving to SF, and kept seeing people talk about this awful neghborhood, The Tenderloin. So, I decided to find out where it was. As I sat in my hotel, searching on my iPhone, I found Tenderloin was also known as Exactly Where I was Sitting. That explains why a pimp complimented my choice in a wife, a guy was on the street screaming to his old lady a few stories up, and the abundance of liquor stores. I honestly didn’t find the neighborhood that bad. Sketchy, yes. Dangerous, eh. My favorite part is the neighborhood between there and Nob Hill is called The Tendernob. Heh.


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