As I was crossing the street today, I came across what appeared to be a homeless man pushing a cart full of garbage and rare recyclable metals. He was, as many homeless, talking out loud about something crazy. But as I heard him talking and watched him pass me, I took pause…

…was he wearing a bluetooth headset under that huge mess of greyed dirty hair? Was he really having a perfectly lucid conversation with his granddaughter in Boise?

The recent explosion of headsets, especially here in CA with our new laws, has led me to ask these two questions;

Are regular people roaming the streets, talking on their phones about Sally Jesse Rafael and peaches and that one time that happened to them, looking more like crazy homeless people?

Or are homeless people roaming the streets, yelling wildly about parrots and jello and David Arquette, looking more like normal people on their phones?


2 Responses to “Bluetooth.”

  1. Lisa (aka pocket) Says:

    both. i refuse to buy a bluetooth. they make me look even more ridiculous.

  2. They are the law in CA. My father-in-law has the Jawbone badass one, but since it’s $120, I still use my corded iPhone headphones with built-in mic. OLD SKOOL.

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