I am smart sometimes. Sometimes not.

When I was 18 years old, I sat in the waiting room of a tattoo parlor during walk-in day, ready to get a nose with feet from the cover of the Phish album; Junta. I walked out.

I wonder what would have happened if I had got that. I wonder if, in 10 years, I’ll think my Lucero tattoo is stupid…


5 Responses to “I am smart sometimes. Sometimes not.”

  1. impossible. the lucero tattoo will never be stupid. however, i don’t think i would have befriended you if you had a phish tattoo.

  2. christophocles Says:

    I would imagine that not getting that tattoo was akin to other decisions like not driving home from foundation that night and probably a few others we can’t remember.

    Also I remember this one time when I lived in riverwest, a couple of girls I knew and one of their boyfriends were over hanging out, the girld left to go get cigarettes and drinks and came back four hours later with tramp stamps… that sucked and their tramp stamps were really poorly done. Moral of the story is when you go out for smokes and beers, come back with smokes and beers.

  3. agreed.

  4. is a tramp stamp on the lower back, or say if a woman had a rose on her chest… would that be a tramp stamp also? discuss.

  5. Technically speaking, the “tramp stamp” tends to depend more on the tramp, than the stamp.


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