iPhone 2.0

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I love it. Mass Move/Delete of email. Screenshots. Contacts icon.

But the best part; finally decent Apps. My two favorites so far are Scrabble and Labyrinth.

The Scrabble features a Pass N’ Play game, which makes my wife kicking my ass much smoother and quicker.

And Labyrinth is just plain cool, using the gyro in the phone to control the ball. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


Someone is stoked today.

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Cubs fans suck.

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I don’t get it. I love baseball. And I have nothing but respect for all those who love baseball too, regardless of the team they like. I live every day in the shadow of Dodger Stadium, literally. And I proudly wear my Brewers cap, and never experience any more than a playful joshing from the hundreds of LA caps I come across.

The only time I’ve been to Wrigley Field a couple seasons ago, we made friends with the guys behind us, who loved us so much they took us to The Cubby Bear and watched our backs as we celebrated a huge Brewers win in April. So in my following rant, I don’t include those 4 guys, wherever you are. I don’t remember your names, but you were awesome.

Cubs fans are assholes. Seriously, there is something wrong with those people.

The Curse, the Bartman, whatever. It’s been a rough century for them, but none of that excuses they way they act. The Cubs aren’t good! It baffles me to see people be SO cocky over such a historically bad team. And they focus their inner frustrations of being the biggest losers in pro sports into becoming an uber-a-hole, the likes of which most people have never seen.

This one, I don’t get. There’s no real rivalry between the Sox and Cubs, except sharing the city. They barely play and affect each other so little. This has got to be a city rivalry thing… northside vs. southside, white collar vs. blue collar, whatever. BUT IT WAS A LITTLE KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. How that turns into beating a guy to brink of death for what amounts to NOT liking your team… I really hope these guys go away for a long time.

This one I guess I get a little more, at least how it escalated, since it was right after the game that mattered between two teams that affect each other, with lots of drinking, whatever. But the taunting alone is classless and disrespectful, to act that way at OUR HOME. You’re not in Chicago, it’s not your turf. Get on your bus and go away. But getting off the bus and beating a guy in his home for liking the home team… Christ people. Have fun getting raped in prison

These people need to seek help.

PS- Funny CraigsList ad.

San Francisco; v2.0

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Last weekend, we took my second trip to SF. We left at 4:30am on Thursday, after getting home at 1am from an excellent Lucero show that included $3 scotch drinks. Needless to say, 4:30am found me still a little tipsy and riding shotgun.

We worked the Festival of Sail, and stayed at a neat little Motel 6 downtown. We did all the normal stuff; the Wharf, the Piers, rode a cable car (hanging off the side even!), saw Lombard Street, ate Escape From New York pizza, and just plained bummed around. San Francisco is just amazing.

This is just fun…

Self cleaning public toilets! And if you need to buy crack, there’s a nice little playground there to do so…

I read a post on BMXBoard about moving to SF, and kept seeing people talk about this awful neghborhood, The Tenderloin. So, I decided to find out where it was. As I sat in my hotel, searching on my iPhone, I found Tenderloin was also known as Exactly Where I was Sitting. That explains why a pimp complimented my choice in a wife, a guy was on the street screaming to his old lady a few stories up, and the abundance of liquor stores. I honestly didn’t find the neighborhood that bad. Sketchy, yes. Dangerous, eh. My favorite part is the neighborhood between there and Nob Hill is called The Tendernob. Heh.

Long Time, No Write.

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Sorry for the deeeelay. For the past few weeks, I’ve been in Milwaukee for my wedding, which was absolutely perfect in nearly every way, five days there the honeymoon, then the other five days at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World. Needless to say, it’s been a fantastic few weeks for me.

I have had lots and lots swirling about in my noggin for this blog; but as I sit down, I only have two things that come to mind:

1. I HATE those ball sacks that hang from underneath truck bumpers. If your truck has balls, it probably also contains a douchebag.

2. With all this Brett Favre news (the ESPN Bottom Line ticker now has a FAVRE category, along with NFL MLB NCAA…) going around these days, how did they miss him turning black? Further inspection of this package also indicates that he now looks exactly like Reggie Miller.

I’m married.

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Me and my lovely wife…

Random Thoughts from a beach festival.

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Over the weekend, we worked a crappy little beach festival in Redondo Beach. Here’s the highlights of things I saw:

  • A 10 year old girl with a temporary tattoo tramp stamp wearing a crop top.
  • A guy cruising leisurely down the street on his long board, flipped it up the curb and his back truck fell off. I’m pretty sure he looked up and mouthed, “Oh well man, at least I still live at the beach” at me, then laughed like Matthew McConaughey.
  • A storeowner screaming at everyone about the vendors located in front of her store. Everyone’s attempts to help or appease her were met with resistance, because I think what she really wanted was this 30+ year old festival to not even happen at all.